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Note: Feel free to use these lessons/tutorials wherever you'd like. Just be sure to provide a link back to the community. It's only polite.

Writing help is a community created for those with questions about grammar, syntax, word meaning and usage, etc. I developed this out of frustration at seeing perfectly good pieces of writing ruined by easily corrected grammar errors.

Also, feel free to rant about language issues that irritate you.

If you're wondering what my qualifications are, I can tell you. I scored a 710 out of a possible 800 points on the SATs, a score of 3 points out of 5 on the Advanced Placement English exam, and I have an unequivocal love of the English language.

Basically, if you have a question, the chances are good that I'll have the answer. And what I don't know, I can find out, with the help of my dictionary and the Bedford Handbook.

Everyday, I'll post a lesson about commonly made mistakes. If you'd like to suggest something, or help, I can be reached at englishdork@endlesseternity.com or voteforgoldwater on AIM. I could always use topic suggestions, so feel free to IM me with them.