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A world without reformation

Hi folks! I'm starting to plan out my NaNoWrimo project this year. It takes place in modern times, but in a world where the protestant reformation never occurred, and the Catholic church still has religious prominence. A world where there's little, if any, separation of church and state. A world where indulgences are still sold, and the church is a massive landholder, etc. Alas, my google-fu is weak. I've found a few sources, but not enough for some decent worldbuilding as yet.

I'm looking for the following:

1) Good sources on what the world was like pre-reformation, and the history of the Catholic church.

2) A source for Catholic names - what kind of names were popular Christian names back when, for naming characters.

3) Your thoughts on how a world without a reformation would develop into modern times.

4) Any good sites describing demonic possession and exorcism rituals (the supernatural and demon possession plays a role in the story)

Any feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!
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