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Hi! I need your help! I am writing a scholarship essay on my favorite teacher, and I need to strengthen what I have already writte. You see, one scholarship per school is sent, and we have a scholarship committee. My guidance department hates me---literally, I have proof--and I know the secretary will try to influence her favorite kid because of her own personal connection with a parent to get the nomination. Can you help me improve my own to better my chances? The teachers who read this are common teachers and not hardvard Grads.....

My Paper:

My Most Influential Teacher



Ms. Norton was one of those teachers who thrust students to reach expectations higher than they set. I remember hating the work load, the strenuous tests, and her glaring eyes when we did poorly. I wanted to quit the class after a few days, but I endured and now I look back upon it as a great academic achievement. I learned to appreciate and miss her lectures. They were more than just educational lectures but words of wisdom for life. She helped me develop patience when I started a job at Wal-Mart, she strengthened my writing skills, and helped me see that I was more than just another student. However, her greatest impact on my life was the fact that she inspired me to be a history teacher.

It was a privilege for me to be under her instruction. I now see an unlimited future as a teacher and the excitement and rewards it has. Maybe one day, due to this woman, someone will feel the same about me.

Every year, teachers educate many prospective leaders of tomorrow, but very few go beyond that expectation. My eleventh grade history teacher, Deborah Norton, has had a tremendous effect on the person I am today and the person I plan to be in the future. She did more than just educate me; She also guided me and inspired me to become a teacher.
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